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  • "People choose music and videos while waiting. Zapya’d after. Always Zapya. I take note: Whole economies upon Zapya. ..... What are the most popular apps? She does not hesitate in response: Facebook. And then, Viber, Zapya, MP3s, and videos."
  • "The girls in Royal’s English class love Candy Crush, WhatsApp, Skype, YouTube and Viber, an app for placing calls overseas. They all use Zapya, an app that lets friends exchange files phone-to-phone via WiFi, so they can avoid paying for apps, songs or Internet access. A few rehash familiar complaints about Facebook."
  • "Zapya file transfer app gets major series B funding from IDG to expand globally. Zapya – which is available in English or Chinese (where it’s called Kuaiya) – makes it easy for people to share files, peer-to-peer, over wi-fi so long as everyone involved has Zapya installed. Requiring no uploads or downloads"
  • "Stay connected without a connection? Meet the tools that let you transfer files and send messages on your smartphone without the Internet."

User comment/Review

  • Aaronfrom:USA

    I just now downloaded it. I must say one of the best features of Zapya is the group connection. The app allows you to create groups of up to five members. Each member of the group can send and receive files over the same wireless network. Excellent work done Zapya.

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  • Insiya Shaikh

    Zapya is an amazing & fantastic app, it has made sharing of photos and files so much easy and quick. Previously with Bluetooth it used to take so much longer time. And the chat feature makes it no.1. No other app offers chat feature. I just love Zapya! Keep it up, Zapya!

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  • Javed Khan

    I think I can say this line for Zapya “Tu hay hero mera” because When it comes file transfer speed we can even nick name it “The Flash – fastest files transfer app available on google play”. And this is not a joke I am saying this because it transferred my files in much lesser time compared to the Bluetooth on my device.

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  • Puja Kulkarni

    Zapya for me and my friend is now like a group member. Since everyone in our group will have this app in their phone. With Zapya task like transferring multiple files to multiple people seems like piece of cake. It not only allows you to transfer files but also stay connected with your friends via chat. It’s truly an amazing app and my whole group loves it.

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  • Rohit Nair

    Zapya is a very effective, easy-to-use, lightning fast file-transfer app that I have used yet. Zapya supports group transferring with up to five devices, along with chat system which is not available in other apps. In short bole to “Ek Number App! Zapya.”

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  • Sayali Garud

    Very Impressive App!!It shares Videos and Apps in few minutes. It’s the fastest file transfer app I’ve experienced. Awesome app for content sharing also. Very Useful. Must Download!!!

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  • Tejashree Shinde

    I really love using Zapya. It allows me to share files at super-fast speed with my groups. Along with the lightning fast transfer it also allows me to chat with friend. All I can say is that it’s a perfect app for me and Thanks you Zapya team for developing such awesome app.

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  • Yoonus Shaikh

    Zapya is truly the Best Cross Platform Sharing App Available in Google Play. It not only transfer files at lightning fast speed but it is also loaded with useful features. It connect to other devices seamlessly without any problem. It allows me to Share file & chat with my friend or Group. This app truly deserve 5 start rating and Big Thanks to Team Zapya for gifting such an awesome app for free.

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