Zapya IOS

Easy File Transfers on IOS

Share files from your IOS device to just about any popular moblie and PC platforms.

Zapya PC

Flexible File Transfers on PC

Share folders from your Windows PC or Phone to other devices.

Zapya MAC

Fast File Transfers on MAC

Share any kind of file from your MAC to your phone without a cable.

Zapya Go

Lightweight File Transfer App

The best lightweight file-sharing application approved for Android Go that includes offline chat and online H5 games.


Small & Simple File Transfer App

Designed for phones with limited storage and is compatible with other versions of Zapya.


Fast Web to Phone Transfers

Quickly access all of your phone contents from any web browser!


Simple Screen Recorder

The ideal application for recording videos of your phone’s screen!


Easy File Manager

Easily manage your phone contents and share them with others!


Free Screen Locking App

A simple and straightforward lock screen customizing tool.