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    What’s Zapya?

    Zapya is a 100% free tool for sharing files across devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Window’s Phone, PC, and Mac computers in an instant. It’s Easy to use and supports multiple languages. We are already a community of 300 million strong users and growing rapidly. Our mission is to innovate in the field of file transfer and lead from the front. We believe in listening to our users and keep on improving as per the needs and demands of our users.

    How does Zapya work?

    Zapya leverages your Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot feature to connect to other phones, but good news is that in this process of Transferring files of any size we do not use your mobile data at all. The transmission speed can be up to 10MB per second.

    How to share files with friends with Zapya?

    It is as simple as it sounds. Go to Zapya Create a Hotspot and ask your friends to join, and then see the magic happen as you get the Power to transform any number of files of any size from your phone. Whether it’s a Video you have just shot in office, or whether it is Presentation that you immediately need to send to your colleagues or bosses. Ways to Get you Started: 1) Select a file icon, and click “Send” to send it directly. 2) Choose “Select” option to select multiple files for sending in a group. 3) Press and hold file icon, and then drag and drop on a recipient avatar. 4) Press and hold a file icon, and then slightly shake the phone. 5) Press and hold a recipient avatar, and then click multiple files continuously.

    Why the transmission is so slow?

    Zapya transmission speed may be affected by the following factors: 1) The Wi-Fi technology comes with the device, whether it’s 802.11 b, g, a, n, or ac. 2) WLAN environment: If there are many Wi-Fi access points nearby, the speed may be lower due to interference. 3) Inadequate RAM: If there are many apps running in the background, Zapya may not optimize the buffering scheme.

    How to invite friends via Zapya?

    Click share button on the upper right, you will find several ways like Bluetooth, Free Invite, Mail, Message, QR Code and Facebook to invite friends to share files easily and freely.

    How fast the transfer speed?

    Zapya’s speed is 200 times faster than Bluetooth! Bluetooth/NFC/Airdrop transfers will look slow once you start using Zapya Imagine you are sharing Candy Crush Saga (55MB) with your friends in just one minute.

    How much size I can share with Zapya?

    There are no limits on the file size. You can share any files of any size with your friends whenever and wherever. However, the transmission speed will be affected by the file size. The bigger size is, the slower the transmission will be.

    How to play music or video after transmission?

    You can play music and videos via Zapya directly or use other media player you have on your phone.